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Dividing Your Dreams: Real Estate In A Minnesota Divorce

For many divorcing couples, owning real estate can present unique property division challenges. Assets such as cherished family homes or farms and income-generating properties often represent the largest chunk of shared wealth.

Navigating their division to ensure fairness requires a thoughtful strategy and a deep understanding of the legal landscape. Each divorce attorney with Frieders & Kuhn, L.L.P., has decades of experience guiding clients in Rochester and all of Southeastern Minnesota through challenging periods with compassion and clarity.

Dividing The Family Home In A Divorce: Balancing Memories And Moving Forward

The home you shared during your marriage houses the weight of countless memories and emotions. Deciding how to handle that property can be incredibly stressful and emotional.

Minnesota follows the principle of equitable distribution, meaning family law courts strive for a fair, not necessarily equal, division of marital property. Even if one spouse owned the home before marriage, the other may still have some legal ownership rights.

For example, if the nonowning spouse contributed to the mortgage or chipped in for renovations, the home can become at least in part marital, not separate, property. The distinction is critical..

Dividing Investment Real Estate: More Than Just Bricks And Mortar

Investment properties like rental homes and apartment buildings present unique challenges in a divorce. Not only do you need to determine ownership and value of the real estate, but you must also account for the current and future income it generates.

Someone with the legal acumen and financial literacy to accurately assess rental income, tenant agreements and market fluctuations can fill a vital role on your behalf. We can help you negotiate a property settlement that considers future financial implications and present value in investment real estate.

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