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Dividing Farm-Related Assets In A Divorce

Dividing assets in a divorce can be one of the most challenging portions of the entire process. In most cases, the more assets a divorcing couple has, the more difficult it will be to divide everything. In the Rochester area, one common example of a divorce involving major assets is those where the divorcing couple owns a farm.

At Frieders & Kuhn, L.L.P., we have decades of experience representing clients throughout Southeastern Minnesota. We understand the importance of properly dividing farming assets to ensure our clients keep their fair share in their divorce.

Understanding The Unique Needs Of A Farm Divorce

Before any kind of negotiation or litigation for splitting assets can begin, it is vital that an accurate valuation of all significant assets on a farm is completed. We can help you secure a fair and accurate valuation of assets like:

  • Real estate
  • Farming equipment – Tractors , Combines, etc.
  • Livestock
  • Crops (both stored and grown)

Our team also recognizes that there can be a significant difference between hobby farms, homesteads and working farms, and we take a meticulous approach in these cases to ensure we are including all of the marital assets in a divorce.

Some assets on a farm that may not be subject to division include those given to a single spouse  by inheritance, or a gift, or assets owned by one spouse before the marriage. These maybe considered nonmarital assets.

Legal Representation With A Farming Background

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience with farm divorces. We understand the complex issues involved with a family farm divorce.

If you are ready to meet with a legal team that can meet your needs a divorce involving a farm , contact us today by calling 507-414-5558 or emailing us here.